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Friday, May 29, 2009

28/5 & 29/5

MORON CAMERON DISCIPLINE teacher finish ur lunch come hit me with ur damm rotan because i din 塞衣服! That Day damm no mood...

WTF so boring la SMK teacher's day just watch those foolish teachers having fun zzzz
then we get on the bus > Time Square..
when we reach Taufu haven reach -.-"
then we met jermine, ivan & their frens...then we got our movie ticket(Night at the Museum 2)
ivan tell me some1 tell him i come TS wet O_O i got stunned & keep think who the hell tell him
still got time we go McD. eat lunch ^_^
then i saw a store with Kira Yamato as logo but inside all sell transformers power rangers T_T
Movie time~wth miracle? jermine, ivan & their frens oso watch NATM2 rofl...
Nice movie..pretty funny..
we go bowling we tot 7 people = RM24.5 then is 52.90 zzz HEY Y NO COUNT US as STUDENT price then cancel back home sien lo~

when waiting car alone..then my mp3 Now Playing: Show me the meaning of being lonely..Rofl..sad sad

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