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Sunday, June 28, 2009

SMKDL Hari Kokurikulum

well... so many stalls there...competitions..lucky draw..bla bla bla..BUT most important is that Haunted House..awesome...RM2 coupon as entrance fees..juz took half hour to queue..ok inside there juz very dark..those fake spiderweb(juz cottons) is annoying :p .. those 'ghost' looks scary...its nice..i tot juz wad so cheap thing inside there..but once i in there they looks really real...
then watch rubic cube competition wow..saw a form2 juz complete within 1min...

bla bla bla..boring..everybody take their hp out lol..
lucky draw.. wad wad..competition wad wad...

then Alex found that his HP is stolen/gone..he juz went toilet wash his dirty hand & pass it to some1..that guy juz give a malay that he dun even noe who the hell...

schools end...6 ppl 'wet' bcome 3ppl..y? DD's uncle in a hurry..JK & I ride on 1st..dennis go find alex so he miss the ride..& alex's fren juz waiting..
they both dunno how go Leisure Mall..then all back home..reach DD home then walk to Leisure mall..25min+ -.-"

when buying ticket met taufu lol...3 time out 3 time met old frens.. diao diao..
1st time watch transformer..nice nice..
oh yeah DD's bday present? din bought :D

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