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Saturday, October 2, 2010

钱不好赚 @@ money hard to earn~

Now you guys check out all over my blog again, you will saw lots of advertisement lols~
theres my freelance phone trader advertisement [Eteam] & the Blog8 Network~

well, the Blog8 thing...
If I'm not wrong, the more people they see your blog/click the advertisement, you earn more..
the cheque payout minimum RM100, so if you just earn RM50 won't mail to you yet...
at least RM100 total then they will send you the cheque! [they check it every month]

well, the phone you saw up there...
yeah, pretty nice huh? just RM7xx [AP stock, original not yet arrived]
Still don't know how's the camera performance[no autofocus/flash =.=] & the X8 will get the 2.1 Android upgrade like the X10 bunch soon? @@
Next Thursday~
celebrate yu keen bday~
sorry for those being invited & cancelled the invitation >.>
We changed mind, the celebration will be just 7 of us >.<

next time, kay? ><
oh yeah,
ytd bro give me 2 necklaces @@
but the length is shorter than mine[from the shirt, spoilt =.=], can't place it on my shirt~
1 has a dragon with FFIV words? o.0
another 1 has like a 2D chemical flask thing, I take it off & put the ones from my shirt on it lols
Panda go what Australia continue study [PhD?!?!?!]

Felt like Malaysia Goverment just using Sejarah to wash our brains =X
why there's seems more like Islam stuff rather than HISTORY of MALAYSIA??
and why the teacher will always talk about Islam stuff~?!?!!
Still haven't earn a sent, need some part-time job that provides stable income[at least got base salary] .-.
well, this is just freelance job, I can do it whenever I want, but profit not much even I didn't lose anything~

maybe soon I just take my bro's cheap colour screen phone & buy a SIM card thats all~ .-.
or even buy cheap cheap Nokia X2 if I got some profit? at least got memory card slot, good camera [5mp with LED flash] , dual speaker & 3.5mm audiojack [RM4xx]

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